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MMA Fighter Australia

Welcome to MMA Fighter AUST.

Welcome to MMA Fighter AUST.

This website is built for MMA Fighters.

If your an MMA fan and not a fighter that’s ok but you may not find all the information on here that interesting (unless of course you’re a huge fan and you want to learn some insider secrets on how the MMA scene works).

If you are a fighter or plan to become a Pro MMA Fighter then you just found one of the best resources available anywhere in the world.

This website is designed to show you how to:

  • Build a fan base
  • Get sponsorship deals
  • Get paid more to fight
  • Discover new ways to make extra cash
  • Become a Pro Full-time MMA Fighter

This website is New, in fact it isn’t even officially launched yet which is why there is only limited content on here right now.

The good news is that if you’ve entered your name and best email in the form over on the right then you will be notified when the Main No Bull Shit Insider Info is ready to be released.

Keep an eye on your emails because this info will show you step by step how to make a name for yourself in the MMA World.

MMA Website Design Key #7

MMA Website Desgn Key #7 – Affiliate Offers

Being an Affiliate is a great way to earn extra dollars with your MMA Fighter Website.

As a fighter you may be new to Affiliate Offers so I’m gonna explain the basics, if you know what they are you can skip a few lines but you might as well keep reading…

Being an Affiliate means you will earn a commision from a company when you sell their product or service.  This is very easy to do with a website becasue all you have to do is add banners to your website that promote relevant products and services and then get paid when a visitor clicks on the banner and proceeds to purchase from the companys website.

The main things you need to make this work is High Website Traffic and Relevant Offers that appeal to your visitors.

There is no point advertising Foreign Exchange Trading on an MMA Fighter Website, these offers have big payouts but I doubt any of your fans are going to be interested in this offer.  You want to focus on products and services in the Health and Fitness area: body weight exercises, core strength training, MMA techniques, Suppliments, dieting/nutrition, possibly health insurance or look for fun offers like iphone, xbox360, palystation3, ipad, etc.

I’ll provide details in the Book on where to register for the best Affiliate and CPA offers.

Even the book I’m releasing will have affiliate opportunities where you can keep 50% from any sales you generate from your MMA Fighter Website or through email recommendations to other MMA Fighters that can benefit from the information.

Making money as an affiliate can be easy but remember to keep your integrity and only promote the offers that you know will benefit your fans, friends, other MMA Fighters.  Whatever you do, don’t jump on the bandwagon and promote crazy fads/crap products for quick cash.  Always respect your friends and fans and only show offers that you would be interested in yourself.

Every morning I get up and check my affiliate accounts to see how much money I’ve made while I was asleep.  It can become addictive.  It is a great way to earn extra cash to support your training and travelling for MMA.

If you have any questions or comments type them in below and I’ll answer them for you.


The MMA Insider

MMA Fights – Get in the Cage

mma fightsI just had an awesome weekend judging at an MMA Show.

Aftershock 10.2 was an amatuer event organized by an MMA Gym named HJD Fightcross and they had guys come from all over the country to test themselves.  It may have been an amatuer event but the fighters that turned up put on an awesome display for the crowd.

I saw one of the best knockouts for 2010 and witnessed a power slam that finished the fight by TKO, we thought the guys were gonna disappear through the floor when they hit the ground!  I can’t wait for the next one.

Judging at MMA Events is a passion of mine.  It allows me to see who’s moving up the ladder and working on their skills and as the CEO for an MMA Brand I can scout new up and coming fighters.

So where do all Pro MMA Fighters get their start?… in the Amatuer Comps, this is where you can earn your stripes and get experience without it reflecting on your fight stats (unless you want it to).  If you’re not already a Pro MMA Fighter then make the most of every opportunity to step in the cage or roll on a mat and expand your comfort level.  The first time you step in a cage it can get to you but the more you do it the more you will learn to love the sensation of stepping into the octogon and testing yourself.

MMA Cage ExperienceMost Fighters gas early in their first matches because the adrenalin dump is so high they burn themselves out.  The more experience you can get in the cage, infront of a cheering crowd the better off you will be.  You need some nervous tension to fire you up and give you that boost but being prepared is a shitload better than being a virgin.

Two virgins stepping up is a fair fight but put a cage virgin up against a veteran and the results are pretty predictable.

I’m sure you’re in a rush to turn pro but if you haven’t make the most of the opportuntiy to enter as many amateur events as you can for the experience.  Take a moment to soak up the atmosphere of the crowd, the sensation of stepping in that cage and then test your skills to truely find your strengths and weaknesses.

MMA Website Design Key #6

mma fighter videosIn the 80′s “Video Killed the Radio Star”

The popularity of MTV killed off a lot of ugly musicians and replaced them with glam metal rockers and arty wanker video producers that made songs a hit by supplying more sizzle than steak.

The world hasn’t taken a backward step… Video is still KING.

Written Text is good, Easy Audio is better and Entertaining Visual and Audio Videos are still the King Shit in multimedia.

So there are two reasons you need to have Videos on your MMA Fighter Website…

1) People love watching a good short video for info or entertainment!
2) Search Engines give Videos a high priority in their ranking algorithms

So adding Videos to your MMA Fighter Website is a MUST!!!

And I DON’T mean linking up to some random youtube clips that you stumble across, you can share that stuff on facebook for your friends to laugh at. I wan’t you to add great custom videos of YOU, ones that You made featuring YOU and YOUR SPONSORS and put them up on your own MMA Fighter website.

In a previous post I explained the importance of using KEYWORDS and how all media attached to your MMA Fighter Website should have a keyword attached to it for maximum benefit with the search engine spiders. Video is highly ranked by the spiders so naming your video as one of your keywords will help you get ranked higher for that keyword.

I build websites and do Internet Marketing for a living so I have access to some expensive video editing software which you probably don’t want to fork out your hard earned money for… and the good news is you don’t have to.

Most of the videos I make nowdays I do in a few minutes using MMA Photos from my photo library of sponsored fighters, clubs and events that I go to. By using some simple and cheap online video creation service I can turn these photos into interesting, custom videos including key point text that I want to get across to the viewer.

This is where I make most of my videos and I suggest you try making your own… Video Maker

Once you’ve made your videos on this website you can download them to your computer so that you can upload them onto your YouTube account.  A You Tube account is something else you should setup today if you don’t already have one.

You can also send the video straight to your FaceBook, Twitter or MySpace pages straight from the Video Maker website where you created them.

Here’s an example of a quick video made in a couple of minutes with a few photos, custom text and royalty free music so I won’t get sued by Metallica…

So start collecting your MMA Photos… fights, training, events, MMA travel pics, etc… and start making your own MMA Fighter Videos today.

MMA Website Design Key #5

MMA Website Design Key #5: KNOW YOUR FAN’S NAME!

MMA Fans

Keith Jardine meeting fans at UFC Expo

You need to communicate with your fans on a one to one level which is easy when you just get started because your initial fans are probably your current friends and family, but as your fanbase grows you need to keep track of who is following your career.

To build a friendship with your fans you need to be able to communicate with them any time you want.

The more you share about your MMA Journey the more your fans will take an interest in watching you fight and progress…

A TV special aired the other day in America called “Ultimate Fighting – Fistful of Dollars” that shows how the Ultimate Fighter TV show basically saved the UFC from being shutdown.

mma fans

mma fans loved the ultimate fighter tv show on spike tv.

Having a weekly TV show that captured an audience and let people see some of what goes into the training for MMA, showing the different personalities of the fighters, sharing their backgrounds and what drives them really caught peoples attention.  By the end of the first season the viewers had picked their personal favourites and had an emotional investment in seeing their favorite fighter win.  (I’ve been a fan of Forrest since I saw his first fight on the show)

After the TV show the Pay-Per-View for UFC Events skyrocketed

Many of the contestants from the first season are still fighting in the UFC because they have a loyal fanbase and the UFC know that these names help boost their ratings.


I’ve gotten a little sidetracked but I hope you’re getting the point…

99.9% of fighters don’t get the opportunity to have their face on TV every week so you need to take control and find your own way to tell Your story…

Regular communication with your fans will build their loyalty to you as you show your loyalty to them by keeping them in the loop on what is happening in your life.

Now facebook is a great free tool for general info, but it’s not really personal.

personal email vs facebook and twitter

There is a Phrase that All Successful Marketers say and that is “Build A List”

What they mean is you need to captcher the Name and Contact Details of everyone that shows an interest in you.  With a website you can get people to give you their details by filling in a simple “opt-in” form like the one on the right side of this website.

Right now you’re getting this email because you joined My List by entering your name and best email in that form, so you can’t tell me it doesn’t work…

You’ll also notice that every email I send you is a personal email with your name in it… it’s personalized so you know it’s not spam.

I hate to ruin the illusion but I don’t sit down every day or two and write out personal emails to every fighter that has become a member of my list (I wouldn’t have any time left to eat or sleep)

I use a List Service that stores all of my members details.  It lets me personalize every email I write and it’s highly respected by gmail, yahoo and others so my messages almost never get filed in the spam folder.


When you have the contact details for your fans you can send them info about anything you want…

Your Upcoming Fights (Event Promoters will love you)

Your Training Tips (Fellow Fighters will appreciate your knowledge)

Product Reviews/Advice (Your Sponsors will love you)

Your After-Party Plans (Niteclubs will want you to pick their venue)

I think your getting the idea on how a large fanbase and your power to promote/share relevant products/services/advice can open a lot of doors for sponsorship deals, free products, appearance fees or VIP status

***   WARNING   ***   WARNING   ***   WARNINNG   ***

Always treat your fans the same way you would treat your best friends…

DON’T Ever send them emails about CRAP you don’t believe in just to make a few bucks… if you abuse their trust you will lose out.  The internet allows you to build a fan base really quickly but if you screw people around you can be shot down in flames even quicker.

Any time your writing an email about yourself or about a product/service imagine your sitting around the BBQ table talking with friends that you care about.


The MMA Insider

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