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A Website Is Like A Car

A lot of MMA Fighters ask me why I’m so focussed on them having their own website.

The best way I’ve found to explain it is by comparing a website to a car…

When you’re a kid, you can’t have a car, at least not a real one.  You probably had a toy car to play with, it had wheels and a steering wheel, but it didn’t have a motor and it wasn’t allowed on the road with the big cars.

Facebook and Twitter are like toy cars.  They are fun to play with and you feel like you’re doing the real thing but you’re not really in control.  Facebook and Twitter are controlled by rules the same way a toy car is controlled by gravity.  A toy car can’t go uphill, even if it’s pedel powered, you can only go up a slight rise, not drive to the top of a mountain.

Having your own website is like getting the keys to your first Real car.

All of a sudden you realise what real freedom is when you have full control of a vehicle with the power to go anywhere you want.  You didn’t miss not having a real car because you didn’t know what having a real was really like.  Once you get your own website you will feel exactly the same way.  You will wonder how you survived without it.

To continue this analogy, there are different types of websites, the same way there are different types of cars…

If you want to build your own website and it’s your first time then it’s the same as being given a Kit-Car that you have to put together piece by piece following a large confusing book of instructions… it can be done but it’s time consuming, frustrating and painful.

It can also work out just as expensive as getting one built for you when you work out all the bits and pieces you need to buy to make it run properly.

Getting a Site built is quick and easy but be very selective about who designs your website.

Most web designers will either charge a small fortune to build you a fancy looking site that lacks power (like a Smart Car) or they will lure you in with a low price but then charge you additional fees everytime you want to add new content, basically they build you a bus that only they are allowed to drive for you when you pay for a ticket on every trip.

What you want is website like the tricked out version of the Toyota HiLux from the Top Gear Arctic Special.

It doesn’t just look tough, it has to have the power and solid build to get you moving ahead.

Your website should look great but be simple enough for you to grab the keys and take off with it.  You don’t want to be worried about all the engineering details that make it work, just know that it does work and that it’s bloody hard to break it.

This is the kind of website I build for MMA Fighters.  I use a Blogging platform as the chassis, design a custom body-kit to suit Your Personality and I add a bunch of Search Engine Optimizing tweeks under the hood to super charge it in the rankings.  All you have to do is keep adding the fuel in the form of fresh content; pics, videos and comments to keep it moving ahead.

You have the Keys and it’s up to you where you want to guide it and how fast you want it to get there.  The Freedom of having total control of your own website is something you can’t really understand until you have your hands on it.

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