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MMA Domain Names – Who Owns Your Name? | mma-fighter-aust.com

MMA Domain Names – Who Owns Your Name?

mma fighter names

Do you own your own name?

or is it already taken by someone else?

As an MMA Fighter, Your Name is Your Brand.

It’s easy to check, go to Godaddy , type in your own name and see if it’s available as a .com domain name.

If it’s available buy it right now before someone else does.

I’m amazed at the number of well known MMA Fighters that don’t own their own name.  I recently bought a UFC Fighters name as a domain to prove my point.  I haven’t done anything with it, in fact I’ve actually forwarded it on to his business website so anyone who searches for him by name on google will be sent to his own website.

Luckily for him I’m a decent guy and I didn’t buy his name to exploit it and legally steal all the free search traffic that his name gets every month.

Don’t wait until you become famous to register your name because as soon as you have a fan base someone with some brains will grab it before you do and once it’s taken it difficult and often expensive to buy it off them.

Right now you can buy a .com domain name for $11.44/year through Godaddy, that’s a bargain, even if you don’t intend to build a website for a year or two it’s a small investment to secure your identity on the internet.

Beware: Godaddy will also offer you the options of buying .info, .net, .org, .tv and a bunch of other domain types… if you want to own these options you can but the only one that really matters to you is the .com domain.  The other options are not as well recognized or respected by search engines.

People will always see a .com website as the original and any other type as a secondary website.

Also be careful when buying your domain name through Godaddy to keep it simple and don’t bother going for all of the upgrades that they offer you… All you want is to own the domain name which will cost you $11.44/year (current price at 8/9/2010), if you start adding the upgrades it could cost you $100+ and you don’t need any of them at this stage.

If you are prepared to get a website built for your new domain name then I suggest you get hosting with Hostgator as they are the cheapest around and have great technical support.

When it comes to setting up websites on the internet you want to stick with the well known companies, they are succesful for a reason. Godaddy have the best domain name prices and Hostgator have the best hosting plans available.

My focus here is to make sure you take ownership of your own name.


If you want to have a custom website built for your new domain name that if fully optimized for search engine ranking and social bookmarking viral marketing we have a special on for the first 5 people that put their hand up and grab hold of this offer.

The Offer:

A Custom Website with all new graphics

Custom banners built for your sponsors added to the website

Social Bookmarking included

Linked to your own Twitter and Facebook pages

Custom highlight video created with your photos/video

Includes Photo Gallery

All setup for you to take control and add your own updates and fresh content

Plus 12 Months Free Hosting (value US$120/year)


If you want a professional MMA Fighter website built for you then send an email to mma-insider@mma-fighter-aust.com …Spots are limited so first in first served

ps. A well designed website will make you more money than it costs through sponsorship and selling advertising space, that’s something I’ll cover in a new post very soon.

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