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MMA Fights – Get in the Cage

mma fightsI just had an awesome weekend judging at an MMA Show.

Aftershock 10.2 was an amatuer event organized by an MMA Gym named HJD Fightcross and they had guys come from all over the country to test themselves.  It may have been an amatuer event but the fighters that turned up put on an awesome display for the crowd.

I saw one of the best knockouts for 2010 and witnessed a power slam that finished the fight by TKO, we thought the guys were gonna disappear through the floor when they hit the ground!  I can’t wait for the next one.

Judging at MMA Events is a passion of mine.  It allows me to see who’s moving up the ladder and working on their skills and as the CEO for an MMA Brand I can scout new up and coming fighters.

So where do all Pro MMA Fighters get their start?… in the Amatuer Comps, this is where you can earn your stripes and get experience without it reflecting on your fight stats (unless you want it to).  If you’re not already a Pro MMA Fighter then make the most of every opportunity to step in the cage or roll on a mat and expand your comfort level.  The first time you step in a cage it can get to you but the more you do it the more you will learn to love the sensation of stepping into the octogon and testing yourself.

MMA Cage ExperienceMost Fighters gas early in their first matches because the adrenalin dump is so high they burn themselves out.  The more experience you can get in the cage, infront of a cheering crowd the better off you will be.  You need some nervous tension to fire you up and give you that boost but being prepared is a shitload better than being a virgin.

Two virgins stepping up is a fair fight but put a cage virgin up against a veteran and the results are pretty predictable.

I’m sure you’re in a rush to turn pro but if you haven’t make the most of the opportuntiy to enter as many amateur events as you can for the experience.  Take a moment to soak up the atmosphere of the crowd, the sensation of stepping in that cage and then test your skills to truely find your strengths and weaknesses.

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