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MMA Website Design Key #3 | mma-fighter-aust.com

MMA Website Design Key #3

How to make MONEY with your MMA Fighter Website!

mma money

The easiest way to make money with your MMA Fighter Website is by selling advertising space on your website in the form of Banners.

When you have a steady flow of visitors coming to look at the info you post on your website then you can start selling advertising space to make some extra cash or score some free taining gear or suppliments from your sponsors.

Banners work best when they are kept to a minimum.

Nobody likes spending time on a website that bombards you with advertisments… big flashing banners will drive them nuts and distract them from your actual content.

I know personally that I’ve left websites simply because the banners were so disruptive I couldn’t even read the page because of all the flashing bullshit surrounding the content I was interested in.

banner overload on a website

I suggest you have 4x small banners 125x125pixels and 2 larger banners

The smaller banners you can charge $10-15/month to be on every page of your website…

It may not sound like much but in the early stages of building your fan base it’s still $40-$60/month for doing no real work and that’s just your small banners.

easy money

With your larger banners I suggest you have two of these, one for special events/product launches that you have available on a month by month basis… the other one you keep for yourself to use for advertising your next fight or for CPA offers which can make you a lot of extra cash (I’ll explain CPA offers later as you need to have high traffic before these will work for you).

Having Banners on your website gives you leverage to promote yourself to prospective sponsors and to event organisers.

The more fans you have visiting your website and following your MMA Career the more you will be able to request for your banner space.  When you can show a prospective sponsor that you have thousands of fans on faceook and that your website gets 5,000+ hits each month then you can start raising your prices.

Retail companies have an advertising budget set aside for print ads, radio spots, tv etc… when you offer them an audience of a couple of thousand people that fit their companies demographics (ideal customer) then $30-$50/month is a very reasonable price… for 4x small banners at $50/month and a large banner at $100/month your now making $3,600 a year for a couple of hours work.

I hope you can see the power of building a quality website that people want to visit.

Having Banners on your site is just a small step in the grand scheme of monitizing your website and building your profile as an MMA Fighter.

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