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MMA Website Design Key #2

To keep your past visitor returning and your new visitors interested you need to continually add FRESH CONTENT.

But there is another important reason why Fresh Content can not be ignored…

Your Ranking on search engines like Google, Yahoo, MSN, Bing, etc depend on a couple of things…

1. The freshness of your content and regularity of updates.

2. The relevance of your Keywords

3. Your level of Authority for your chosen Keywords

Today I want you to focus on #1.

The Freshness of your Content and the Regularity of your Updates.

Google is still the leader for search engines and they aim to provie their users with relevant up to date info.

Simply put… the more often you add fresh Content to your website, the higher you will be ranked in their organic (free) search results.

When you first launch your website it may take Google a couple of weeks to find it (unless you know some advanced shortcuts).  From this point on they will re-index your site at a similar rate to how often you add updates.

The more time you spend keeping your site current and interesting, the more Google will reward your efforts by raising your ranking.

This is the reason I promote the use of a blogging platform for your website.  This way you can access it from anywhere in the world at any time and add updates.

There is also a feature in the blogging platform that I use that allows you to pre-load posts so that you can add a bunch of new material to your site but then have it released over a couple of days or weeks so that it looks like you are updating the info regularly and not in big chunks every couple of weeks.

Fresh Content can be anything you want to add, articles, pics, videos, reviews…

The important thing is to continually be adding fresh relevant content for your fans and for the search engine spiders that index your website.

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