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MMA Website Design Key #4 | mma-fighter-aust.com

MMA Website Design Key #4

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Keywords are one of the main ways you’ll get FREE (organic) traffic to your MMA Fighter Website.

A Keyword is simply a word or phrase that someone types into a search engine such as Google, Yahoo, MSN, Bing, etc to find websites with information related to that term.

Your MMA Fighter Websites Goal is to be seen as Highly Relevant for the phrases you think your Ideal Visitors will use to find you.

“MMA” would be a great word to get ranked highly for but there is a shitload of competition out there fighting to get on page one of the search engines.  You need to start with keywords that have lower competition and are very relevant to you as an MMA Fighter.

Start with making a list of Keywords that are more specific to you…

Here are some ideas to get you going:

Your Full Name = ???

Your Fighter Name = ???

The Place You Train At = ???

Events You Have Fought At = ???

Events You Will Fight At = ???

Now that you have a small list you can start adding content to your MMA Fighter Website and cleverly add these keywords to optimize for a high relevance ranking by the search engine spiders that index your pages.

I know this may be new ground for you but don’t worry, it’s very easy to get the hang of it… and by doing this properly you are already ahead of the majority that don’t have a clue about what they are doing.

Simple Rules For Using Keywords To Dominate In Rankings

1. Only Focus on ONE keyword/phrase in a new post

2. Use the Keyword in the Title of the post.

3. Use the Keyword 1-2 times for every 100 words of text that you write in your post.

4. Add pictures into your Post and make sure you have renamed them to match your targetted Keyword before you add them

5. Do the same trick for any videos you want to add imto your post

6. In the “Tags” area add in the Keyword and some variations of the Keyword in a phrase

7. If you have installed the All-in-one-SEO plugin then add the Keyword again to Title, Tags and Description boxes at the bottom of the post for some extra power.


When the Google search engine spiders crawl around your site to index it they judge each page of your site seperatly so when they look at your new post they will see your Keyword repeated a lot and it will score highly for that keyword.

For example if you use your own name or your Gyms name as your keyword, the spiders will see that keyword in the title, repeated several times in the text, as the pictures name and as a dedicated tag and also in the descrition.  Your selected Keyword that you focused on is Super Relevant…

Chances are you could rank higher in the search engine that the Gym you train at if they have a website but they’ve failed to optimize their webpages.  this means people looking up your Gym online will find your MMA Fighter Website higher up on the search page results.

So have fun thinking up relevant Keywords and get busy adding great new focussed content to your MMA Fighter Website

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