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MMA Website Design Key #5

MMA Website Design Key #5: KNOW YOUR FAN’S NAME!

MMA Fans

Keith Jardine meeting fans at UFC Expo

You need to communicate with your fans on a one to one level which is easy when you just get started because your initial fans are probably your current friends and family, but as your fanbase grows you need to keep track of who is following your career.

To build a friendship with your fans you need to be able to communicate with them any time you want.

The more you share about your MMA Journey the more your fans will take an interest in watching you fight and progress…

A TV special aired the other day in America called “Ultimate Fighting – Fistful of Dollars” that shows how the Ultimate Fighter TV show basically saved the UFC from being shutdown.

mma fans

mma fans loved the ultimate fighter tv show on spike tv.

Having a weekly TV show that captured an audience and let people see some of what goes into the training for MMA, showing the different personalities of the fighters, sharing their backgrounds and what drives them really caught peoples attention.  By the end of the first season the viewers had picked their personal favourites and had an emotional investment in seeing their favorite fighter win.  (I’ve been a fan of Forrest since I saw his first fight on the show)

After the TV show the Pay-Per-View for UFC Events skyrocketed

Many of the contestants from the first season are still fighting in the UFC because they have a loyal fanbase and the UFC know that these names help boost their ratings.


I’ve gotten a little sidetracked but I hope you’re getting the point…

99.9% of fighters don’t get the opportunity to have their face on TV every week so you need to take control and find your own way to tell Your story…

Regular communication with your fans will build their loyalty to you as you show your loyalty to them by keeping them in the loop on what is happening in your life.

Now facebook is a great free tool for general info, but it’s not really personal.

personal email vs facebook and twitter

There is a Phrase that All Successful Marketers say and that is “Build A List”

What they mean is you need to captcher the Name and Contact Details of everyone that shows an interest in you.  With a website you can get people to give you their details by filling in a simple “opt-in” form like the one on the right side of this website.

Right now you’re getting this email because you joined My List by entering your name and best email in that form, so you can’t tell me it doesn’t work…

You’ll also notice that every email I send you is a personal email with your name in it… it’s personalized so you know it’s not spam.

I hate to ruin the illusion but I don’t sit down every day or two and write out personal emails to every fighter that has become a member of my list (I wouldn’t have any time left to eat or sleep)

I use a List Service that stores all of my members details.  It lets me personalize every email I write and it’s highly respected by gmail, yahoo and others so my messages almost never get filed in the spam folder.


When you have the contact details for your fans you can send them info about anything you want…

Your Upcoming Fights (Event Promoters will love you)

Your Training Tips (Fellow Fighters will appreciate your knowledge)

Product Reviews/Advice (Your Sponsors will love you)

Your After-Party Plans (Niteclubs will want you to pick their venue)

I think your getting the idea on how a large fanbase and your power to promote/share relevant products/services/advice can open a lot of doors for sponsorship deals, free products, appearance fees or VIP status

***   WARNING   ***   WARNING   ***   WARNINNG   ***

Always treat your fans the same way you would treat your best friends…

DON’T Ever send them emails about CRAP you don’t believe in just to make a few bucks… if you abuse their trust you will lose out.  The internet allows you to build a fan base really quickly but if you screw people around you can be shot down in flames even quicker.

Any time your writing an email about yourself or about a product/service imagine your sitting around the BBQ table talking with friends that you care about.


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