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MMA Website Design Key #6

mma fighter videosIn the 80′s “Video Killed the Radio Star”

The popularity of MTV killed off a lot of ugly musicians and replaced them with glam metal rockers and arty wanker video producers that made songs a hit by supplying more sizzle than steak.

The world hasn’t taken a backward step… Video is still KING.

Written Text is good, Easy Audio is better and Entertaining Visual and Audio Videos are still the King Shit in multimedia.

So there are two reasons you need to have Videos on your MMA Fighter Website

1) People love watching a good short video for info or entertainment!
2) Search Engines give Videos a high priority in their ranking algorithms

So adding Videos to your MMA Fighter Website is a MUST!!!

And I DON’T mean linking up to some random youtube clips that you stumble across, you can share that stuff on facebook for your friends to laugh at. I wan’t you to add great custom videos of YOU, ones that You made featuring YOU and YOUR SPONSORS and put them up on your own MMA Fighter website.

In a previous post I explained the importance of using KEYWORDS and how all media attached to your MMA Fighter Website should have a keyword attached to it for maximum benefit with the search engine spiders. Video is highly ranked by the spiders so naming your video as one of your keywords will help you get ranked higher for that keyword.

I build websites and do Internet Marketing for a living so I have access to some expensive video editing software which you probably don’t want to fork out your hard earned money for… and the good news is you don’t have to.

Most of the videos I make nowdays I do in a few minutes using MMA Photos from my photo library of sponsored fighters, clubs and events that I go to. By using some simple and cheap online video creation service I can turn these photos into interesting, custom videos including key point text that I want to get across to the viewer.

This is where I make most of my videos and I suggest you try making your own… Video Maker

Once you’ve made your videos on this website you can download them to your computer so that you can upload them onto your YouTube account.  A You Tube account is something else you should setup today if you don’t already have one.

You can also send the video straight to your FaceBook, Twitter or MySpace pages straight from the Video Maker website where you created them.

Here’s an example of a quick video made in a couple of minutes with a few photos, custom text and royalty free music so I won’t get sued by Metallica…

So start collecting your MMA Photos… fights, training, events, MMA travel pics, etc… and start making your own MMA Fighter Videos today.

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