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MMA Website Design Key #7

MMA Website Desgn Key #7 – Affiliate Offers

Being an Affiliate is a great way to earn extra dollars with your MMA Fighter Website.

As a fighter you may be new to Affiliate Offers so I’m gonna explain the basics, if you know what they are you can skip a few lines but you might as well keep reading…

Being an Affiliate means you will earn a commision from a company when you sell their product or service.  This is very easy to do with a website becasue all you have to do is add banners to your website that promote relevant products and services and then get paid when a visitor clicks on the banner and proceeds to purchase from the companys website.

The main things you need to make this work is High Website Traffic and Relevant Offers that appeal to your visitors.

There is no point advertising Foreign Exchange Trading on an MMA Fighter Website, these offers have big payouts but I doubt any of your fans are going to be interested in this offer.  You want to focus on products and services in the Health and Fitness area: body weight exercises, core strength training, MMA techniques, Suppliments, dieting/nutrition, possibly health insurance or look for fun offers like iphone, xbox360, palystation3, ipad, etc.

I’ll provide details in the Book on where to register for the best Affiliate and CPA offers.

Even the book I’m releasing will have affiliate opportunities where you can keep 50% from any sales you generate from your MMA Fighter Website or through email recommendations to other MMA Fighters that can benefit from the information.

Making money as an affiliate can be easy but remember to keep your integrity and only promote the offers that you know will benefit your fans, friends, other MMA Fighters.  Whatever you do, don’t jump on the bandwagon and promote crazy fads/crap products for quick cash.  Always respect your friends and fans and only show offers that you would be interested in yourself.

Every morning I get up and check my affiliate accounts to see how much money I’ve made while I was asleep.  It can become addictive.  It is a great way to earn extra cash to support your training and travelling for MMA.

If you have any questions or comments type them in below and I’ll answer them for you.


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