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Adsense sucks | Dont cut your nuts off | mma-fighter-aust.com

WARNING: Steer Clear of Bloody Adsense

If you want to have your own profitable MMA Fighter Website DO NOT ADD ADSENSE!!!

You should know by now that my goal is to help you build a money making website to help you build a solid MMA Career and fund your training and travel so you can focus full-tme on training your ass off and being in great shape for your fights without starving like most MMA Fighters.

I want to help you make more money, online and offline and I’ll tell you flat out that adsense does not work for MMA websites.

The idea behind putting Adsense on your site means that you have an area on your site where Google can place ads for related companies and products.  Then when someone clicks on the ad you get paid by google.  That doesn’t sound so bad…

“Getting Paid By Google” = BULLSHIT!!!!

What’s really happening is your getting paid 5c, 10c, maybe 20c (if you’re really lucky) to send your fans away to another website.

The last thing you want to do is send your visitors away from your website!

I’ll show you how to attract visitors to your website, so don’t blow it by sending them away…

Your goal with your MMA Fighter Website is to attract visitors and then keep them browsing through your website for as long as possible.

The longer you can hold the interest of your visitors the more exposure you are giving to your sponsors banners (who pay to be on your site) and to your personality as an MMA Fighter and as a real person.

Please don’t sell your soul for a few cents here and there by adding google adsense to your website, you are literally cutting your nuts off for a cheap thrill, you will regret it!

Trust me you will be richly rewarded by showing loyalty to your sponsors and to your friends and fans by keeping your website clean and relevant. Your articles can be fun and entertaining but you should always have some useful info or something personal that shares who you are as a person.

There are plenty of ways to make money with your MMA Fighter website online and offline… stick with me and I’ll show you the right way to get ahead in this business without sacrificing whats important to you.

Stay tuned for for the real deal on funding your training.


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